Ballroom Dance Vacations

Ballroom Dance Vacations

Curious about a dance vacation?

If you love to dance and you love to travel then why not incorporate them both? Everybody deserves a vacation that they will never forget. Whether you travel frequently or you have not been able to swing a trip, a ballroom dance vacation will be sure to add some fun into your life and leave lasting memories. People have been booking cruises, travels and camps for decades now. Dancing at Sea and Aventura are just a couple of large dance cruises that set sail a couple times a year with a full ship of dancers.

Be spontaneous!

Don’t be afraid to book a trip if you aren’t that experienced of a dancer, most cruise lines and dance camps are prepared with excellent teachers who can start you off with the knowledge you need, or brush up your techniques if it’s been a while since you’ve hit the floor.

There are plenty of options to find the right fit.

Dancing at Sea brings together a large group of experienced teachers who specialize in ballroom, tap, ballet and more to make an unforgettable time at sea. You can choose to go to the Bermuda, South America. Panama, and different parts of the Caribbean. These ships provide welcoming service to its passengers and amenities include private dance parties, cocktail hours, dance classes and group excursions. It is definitely worth your while and the teachers are amazing.

Aventura is a little more upbeat than the others. This cruise may be more suited for the younger crowd or the young at heart. They feature themed dance nights like “beach party” and “masquerade” to liven things up a bit. They have weekend dance workshops, dance performances, and VIP open bar nights. Another awesome perk that this dance cruise includes is food for the 3 night stay, there are virtually no worries.

If you aren’t interested in a cruise ships or you don’t want as large of a vacation there are also excellent programs such as Ballroom Dance Camp, a more intimate jazz camp for adults. Ballroom Dance Camp was founded in 1985 by Byron Siegal. He created this camp as a way for couples to enjoy dancing together in a camp like format and enjoy a week full of fun with other adults from all over the country. Each day there are different ballroom dance classes each day with dances including swing, waltz, rumba, tango, american style foxtrot and cha cha. This camp is truly for those who are ballroom dancers at heart and need a get away from their normal day to day professions. They are also currently taking sign ups and registrations for Summer 2016!

Ready to book?

If work has been hectic, or you haven’t had a break from the ordinary chaos of life then you might be due for a vacation. Make some time to set aside your other priorities and get on the dance floor. Whether it is on a cruise ship, in a dance hall or at a camp it will sure be well worth it. Below are links to the vacations listed above for your convenience. Safe travels and happy dancing!

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